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Hi. I’m Nicolas Rakotoary, aka NicoRako.

I’m a multi-disciplinary freelancer and can work remotely or onsite, with teams or by myself, from concept to delivery.
I am based in France, but fluent in English, so international commissions are highly accepted.

I graduated from Paris Gobelins School (Gobelins, l’École de l’Image, promotion Concepteur-Réalisateur Multimédia 2003).

Main skills
Direction / Motion design / Graphic design / Illustration / Photo or video retouching / Compositing / VFX

Secondary skills
Video editing / Photography (analog & digital) / 3D / Filming / Sound design


But the key thing to get from all of this is that I want to create beautiful still/animated designs for you.


I have been working with a wide range of agencies throughout the years (below is a list of some of them) and have been trusted to create works for Nike, Ubisoft, Riot Games, Dior, Clarins, Paris Saint-Germain, Team Vitality, Fondation Lafayette Anticipations, Fédération Française de Karaté, Engie, Aéroports de Paris, Havana, L'Oréal...


nicolas.rakotoary at gmail dot com
+33 (6) 22541024